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Chandler Martin
Director of Road to Hire

Chandler Martin is the Director of Road to Hire, a nonprofit designed to expand professional development opportunities for motivated young adults. Before joining Road to Hire, Chandler served as the Director of Human Capital at Red Ventures, as well as in a host of leadership roles focused around sales development and leadership. In the local community, Chandler serves in committees and councils with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library and the McColl Center.

Jamie Benjumea
Director of Sales Academy

Jamie Benjumea runs the Sales Academy at Road to Hire and also works in sales development at Red Ventures. She started as an inside sales professional at Red Ventures three years ago, and has since served in a number of leadership capacities. Jamie graduated from Winthrop University in 2013.

Mark Kroh
Director of Technology

Mark Kroh is the Director of the Technology curriculum at Road to Hire and an engineer at Red Ventures. His prior experience includes serving as the Campus Director of an art and design college in Pennsylvania, co-founding a media company focused on increasing student success in college, and running a web design company. Mark has hardware experience as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) and was previously a Cisco Certified Networking Instructor (CCAI).


Road to Hire has over 30 volunteers that are industry leading professionals in sales and technology. These volunteers help shape, and deliver curriculum that is current, immersive and actionable.

Marketing Team

Erin Blackwood

Rob Heath
Designer / Developer

Jenny Lou Bement
Social Media Strategy

Margaret Smith

Chelsea Brierton

Dashia Starr

Alice Lee

Drew Burdick
Graphic Designer