Age Group: 18-25

Road to Hire connects underrepresented young adults with paid professional development and technical training — opening a direct pathway into high-earning careers.

Available to motivated Charlotte residents aged 18-25, our tech fellowships provide career onramp alternatives to college. Students spend six months mastering the necessary skill sets to jumpstart careers in IT, cybersecurity or coding, and then work with Road to Hire’s employer partners to land a job with leading NC companies. Coursework also includes important professional skills like networking and team building.

Road to Hire Presents: Diversity Coding Fellowship

Tech puts your future in your hands. Here at Road to Hire, we believe your hard work should be met with opportunity; and, with a focus in tech, doors will be opened that will shift your life’s trajectory. But it’s not easy. Breaking through in tech is challenging, and we know it takes a village. If you’re ready to learn and be part of a community, this is the fellowship for you. This is tech taught for YOU, by leaders here for YOU.

Only 12% of computer programmers are Black or Latinx and fewer than half of those are Black or Latinx women—tech can do better. Together, we remain a part of the solution and bring diversity, equity and inclusion into the workforce.

Cyber Security

If you want to help protect people and companies from cyber attacks and data breaches, this fast-paced and constantly evolving fellowship track is for you.

Our coursework includes:
  • Comp TIA Security+ Certification
  • Networking Fundamentals
  • Threats, Attacks and Vulnerabilities
  • Risk Management and Cryptography

If you’re tech savvy and have an interest in coding for a living, consider a career in software engineering by joining the RTH Coding Fellowship.

Our coursework includes:
  • Version Control: Git & GitHub
  • Front-End Technologies: HTML, CSS JavaScript, React.js
  • Back-End Technologies: Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB
  • Agile Training
IT Operations

If you love helping people solve problems and have a passion for fixing issues, check out the IT Operations career track.

Our coursework includes:
  • Comp TIA A+ Certification
  • Hardware and Networking
  • Operating Systems and Security
  • Server Operations and Cloud Computing