Road to HirePathways
Road to Hire helps under-resourced students gain entry to meaningful careers after high school. For some, that starts with college. For others, that means joining a paid apprenticeship that puts them on the path to a successful career.



Students enrolled in Pathways, working towards college and their careers


Title I high schools partnering with Pathways to create opportunities for their students


An “A” or “B” in the R2H class earns graduates a 4-year college scholarship or spot in a paid apprenticeship

How Pathways Works

Rising high school seniors complete a paid summer internship
Students learn tech, business, and life skills as part of their senior year curriculum
R2H supports grads through college or paid apprenticeships and into career placements

  • Job exposure and internship experience
  • College application support
  • Introductory tech, business and Life skills
  • Robust mentorship and guest speakers

Affiliated Schools